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Zenz terminology and shortcuts

Zenz terminology

KPIAny variable that is loaded in the tool, which can be displayed in graphs or tables
ComparisonsKPIs can be analyzed using their ‘standard’ comparison. However, sometimes you’d like to use a derived unit of a KPI. For example, the difference between the value of a KPI today vs its value last year.
DimensionA dimension is a grouping which is defined to either split or filter KPI values. A split is made when a dimension is used on the axis of a graph or in the rows/columns of a table
HierarchyA hierarchy closely linked to a dimension. A hierarchy describes the relation between the elements in a dimension. For example: a flight a route AMS-LDN is part of the higher flight level ‘England’, which is part of ‘Europe’
ViewsA screen with all its settings and configurations is saved in a ‘view’.
ObjectsGraphs, tables, maps etc are all objects. All objects together form your screen, or view.
SnapshotA snapshot is a specific moment in time. For example, if we look at snapshot 27 may 2019, we look at all values updated until this date. Even though we might be looking at forward looking data of all flights with departure date June. These values will be different in the next snapshot.
YoYYear over year. This is usually a comparison, which makes it very easy to compare the results of the selected period to the same period last year. The YoY comparison can be defined day of week aligned
SoSThe Snapshot over Snapshot comparison compares snapshots. By default it compares current snapshot with the one of yesterday. However, this can be customized to weekly, monthly or custom comparison.


Sale data deduct / add periodShift + arrow left / right
Shift period back/forwardArrow left / right
UndoCtrl + Z
RedoCtrl + Y
Select number of years (current period selectin)1, 2, 3, etc…
Move snapshots back / forth (e.g., stock date)Ctrl + arrow left / right

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