Our approach

Zenz offers a unique profile: business expertise with a solid mathematical background, using state-of-the-art, proven technology

What to expect

Zenz experts uncover business opportunities while designing the end-product in close cooperation with you. All done in a very short period of time.


More than experts

Zenz people are multifunctional people. We are business consultants, software engineers and data scientists in one person. This results in an extremely efficient development process. It also means that we can uncover business opportunities while working with you.


Agile development

We can deliver a first working version in a very short period of time. Think days, not weeks. From there, the development process is iterative, in very close cooperation with the end users, through proto-typing. This approach assures that the end product will exceed your expectations.


Custom to your needs

Our solutions are entirely developed in-house. This gives us the unique opportunity to fully customize the end-product to fit your needs always taking into account your business processes and daily decision making.


Data security

We can work closely with your IT department to properly set-up the solution within your IT security guidelines. We prefer to install our system on your servers to assure that your data will never leave your company.


No hidden costs

Our transparent fee structure covers it all: development, service, maintenance, system upgrades, unlimited number of users,... No catch.


Ongoing assistance

After we have properly implemented the solution, we continue to deliver the support you need to optimally benefit from all decision support capabilities you have.



In two days, based on your data or simulated data in line with your business, free of charge and without any obligations.

First working version

In two weeks, we deliver the first version based on real data. We work iteratively to the end product. This allows room for changes along the way. With our and your business expertise, we can deliver the best product that fits your needs.

Final product delivered

Ongoing Assistance

After delivery, we’re constantly available through direct contact and can assist where needed. We keep on improving and extending our core software that is shared free of charge as part of our service package.