About us

Dedicated to build beautiful systems that help companies make better decisions

Our Story

“If you had asked the people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” (Henry Ford)

From the very first days this is what has inspired us. Trying to understand what people really want when they are trying to analyze their business performance. Investing heavily both in technology and in business knowledge, with a lot of enthusiasm, has led to a proven approach for tackling the most difficult business analysis challenges.

Zenz Technologies was founded in April 2013 by Raymond Kat, Timo van Donselaar and Ward Kuipers, all having a master’s degree in econometrics and together a combined experience of over 50 years developing decision support systems, especially in the airline industry. All employees have an academic background in econometrics or mathematics, which provides an excellent basis to further develop both business analysis and technological skills. The ambition of Zenz Technologies is to become a leading provider of decision support systems for the airline business and related industries.

Zenz people are multifunctional people. We are business consultants, software engineers, user interface experts, database architects and project managers in one person. This results in an extremely efficient software development process. It also means that we can uncover business opportunities while working with our customers, their data and studying their business processes.


Timo van Donselaar


    Raymond Kat


      Ward Kuipers