The core of our solution provides insights into your data. The application is very fast, it is easy-to-use, and it provides aggregated views, while it also has easy access to all the details at the lowest level possible.

Zenz decision support systems are characterized by user friendliness and focus on business added value. Multiple data sources are integrated into a single system with all relevant levels of detail.

With our system you will have direct access to all data available with a single version of the truth. Analyses are replicable and figures are consistent.

This manual will help you to get started. However, feel free to just click and drag anywhere in the tool, because the fasted way to get to know our tool is by using it!

If you prefer to watch a video introduction to the Zenz tooling user interaction, this would be a good timing to watch the video’s on our website.

Currently we created 3 video’s:

  • Introduction to the Zenz tool
  • Introduction to Graphs
  • Introduction to Tables

The video’s were created using the desktop application. But the user interaction is very similar to web, so still useful for web users!

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